• Baby Room

      We have two areas in our baby room.

      BABY UNIT – Birth – 16 months

      Here individual needs are met in a calm environment. The baby unit provides a wonderful space for babies to be nurtured and cared for. There is a separate sleep room and an outside area of their very own. The focus at this early age is on engagement and the highest standards of care, with plenty of their key person’s time. Each baby is encouraged to explore their world with lots of sensory play and cuddles. Your child’s routine will closely follow that of home.

      TIDDLERS – 16 months – 2 years.

      Here babies are on the move! On the ground floor Tiddlers can freely explore their own environment and the outside areas too. Full of natural resources, creative and sensory activities to enjoy, this is a room full of fun. Individual care routines are followed and all areas are planned from children’s interests and their development. Lots of singing, stories, Makaton and music provide a basis for every child to enjoy as they become more aware of the world around them.

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